Sunday, 5 April 2015

To begin with....

Date - March 23rd, 2015
Weight - 84.2 Kg

The first question that comes to mind when you decide to take control of your weight, and lifestyle.... is, where to start. And my experience with counselling tells me one cannot make drastic changes in the beginning, they are not likely to last. As a weight-loss client, I am myself very difficult to convince about changes in my routine.

Technology to the rescue: Since one cannot imagine life without smartphones today, I decided to take the help of my smartphone for my weight loss programme. I installed a Pedometer app, called "Accupedo", and set a target for myself of 6K steps daily. Then I installed another app, called "Noom weight loss coach", so I could keep a track of what I was eating throughout the day.

You would agree with me if you have a first hand experience, logging every bite that goes into your mouth is a great way of beginning to develop healthy eating habits. You log a chocolate, and the calorie count shows you have consumed 500 calories. You log a whole apple, and it says you have consumed 86 calories! If you have set a calorie budget for yourself, then logging each food item eventually teaches you how to make smart food choices, how to eat within your calorie budget, while not starving yourself.

I have set a daily budget of 1200 calories for myself, and decided to take an at least 30-minute long walk daily.

Wish me luck !!

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